A New Exterior Coating Technology Is Getting Big Attention & Lasting Results.

Mia’s Stucco, one of Northwest Louisiana’s most sought after business and residential stucco and stone contractor has always provided their clients with a superior quality project as well as fast, professional service. What if we told you the stucco we provide our customers can be even better than before?

We are so excited to offer a new exterior coating technology called StoColor®f Lotusan® by our friends at Sto Corporation that is sure to revolutionize the building industry as using this coating will save money on maintenance and recoating. Ideal for new construction and recoat projects over concrete, stucco, EIFS, and fiber cement board and primed or pre-painted wood substrates.

With conventional exterior paints: The soiling of the facade becomes increasingly visible over time. On weather exposed sides in particular, microorganisms find an ideal environment for colonization in the form of adequate moisture and nutrients from dirt deposits.

So, what’s so great about this particular coating? We are happy you asked!

The Lotus-Effect® Technology provides super-hydrophobic properties on the facade. Water and dirt flow off immediately leaving the facade dry and attractive.

StoColor® Lotusan® is named after the lotus plant. Dirt particles cannot hold onto the leaves of the plant and wash clean off with rain droplets that fall on the plant. This new exterior coating was created to replicate the highly water-repellent surface of the lotus leaf and also offers enhanced hydrophobic properties. Dirt will run off with water where this exterior coating is applied. It’s literal self-cleaning affect keeps facades clean longer than conventional paints and coatings.

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